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Painted Nguni: SAVANNA

R18,800 ex. VAT
R21,620 incl. VAT

M – 46cm (H) x 45cm (W) x 40cm
(depth = wall to tip of nose)

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    This beautiful Savanna Plains Nguni bull sculpture, painted by Cape Town artist Sharon Boonzaier, is inspired by the works of a great South African Artist, JH Pieneef; with Acacia trees and rich gold ‘seams‘ found in South African soils represented in gold leaf.

    Each painted sculpture is unique, no one piece is the same as the next. Gold leaf is carefully applied by fellow artist, Sibulelo Ngozi.

    The sculpture is flat packed with great care, white gloves are supplied in each box so that they can be reassembled by their new owner.

    M – 46cm (H) x 45cm (W) x 40cm
    (depth = wall to tip of nose)

    Head on Design


    Drawing on her inspiration from the African bush, Joanna Orr of Head on Design has added her own twist and flavour to the traditional trophy heads, sending a clear message to the trophy hunters out there that we can celebrate these majestic beasts differently.

    Joanna also collaborates with Cape Town artist, Sharon Boonzaier, to create beautiful hand-painted sculptures. For the past 6 years, Sharon has been painting African-inspired themes such as ‘Savanna Plains’, ‘Carmine Bee-Eaters’ and ‘Fynbos Fiesta’ on the kudu, lion, rhino, and elephant heads, all finished in gold leaf.

    Each sculpture she paints is unique, no one piece is ever the same. Gold leaf is creativity applied by fellow artist, Sibulelo Ngozi.

    The sculptures are flat-packed with great care, white gloves are supplied in each box so that they can be reassembled by their new owner. Inside each box, you’ll find a story about the artist and the designer.

    Head On Design is represented by The Artists Gallery in Cape Town.

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