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Maureen Visagé

Maureen Visagé, a South African ceramic and bronze artist based in Cape Town, creates unique, hand-built artworks filled with passion. Her artistic journey began after obtaining her actuarial qualification in 1998 and working in London. Upon returning to South Africa in 2000, she joined Louise Gelderblom’s studio, gradually developing her skills as a self-taught sculptor over 11 years. During this period, Maureen participated in group exhibitions, including Art B Gallery and the Irma Stern Museum.

In 2011, Maureen transitioned from her actuarial career and lecturing at the University of Cape Town to devote herself entirely to ceramic art. Responding to demand, she also ventured into working with the prestigious material of bronze, occasionally releasing limited editions of her beloved figurines in this medium.

Maureen’s art primarily centers around figurative sculptures, reminiscent of the European porcelain figurines that gained popularity in the 1700s. Drawing inspiration from fairy tales, diverse religions, and spiritual and mythical themes, she infuses her creations with a playful African twist. Her artwork radiates joy and positivity, aiming to uplift and delight viewers amidst a world often filled with negativity.

While figurative pieces remain her main focus, Maureen also explores the realms of vases, plates, and tiles in her studio space.

Since 2019, she has been an integral part of The Travelling Art Gallery, extending her artistic reach internationally. Some of her exclusive pieces find their showcase in Cape Town in The Artists Gallery.

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