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Maureen Visagé

Maureen Visagé, a gifted artist hailing from the vibrant city of Cape Town, South Africa, possesses an unwavering passion for creating art. She employs vibrant colors and bold strokes to craft whimsical ceramic and bronze figurines.

Her work is a celebration of love, joy, feminine strength, and the inherent beauty in life itself. Maureen draws inspiration from everyday scenes, as well as from fairy-tales, religious, and mythical themes. Within her portfolio, you'll discover compositions that pay homage to her rich European and African heritage.

Her journey into art began early, attending the Pretoria Art Music and Ballet School (Pro Arté), where she excelled both academically and artistically.

Also harbouring a great love of numbers and natural talent for mathematics, she made the decision to move to Cape Town to study Actuarial Science. Throughout her studies at the University of Cape Town, her love for creating art remained steadfast

After qualifying as an actuary and working in London for a few years, she returned to South Africa and embarked on a self-taught journey in sculpting. This transition marked a pivotal moment, allowing her to fully embrace her artistic calling. Since 2011, Maureen has shifted her focus entirely to the creation of art, working with clay and bronze to amass an impressive body of work.

Her creations bear witness to her attention to detail and her remarkable ability to breathe life into seemingly lifeless clay. Each piece tells a unique story, and we invite you to experience the beauty and boundless creativity that emanates from her skilled
hands. She works from her studio in Woodstock, and is represented by The Artists Gallery in Cape Town and Franschhoek.

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