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Robin Kutinyu

Rugare Robin Kutinyu was born in 1976 in Zimbabwe. The artist reminds us, with a refreshing jolt to the senses, that the world around us is a fertile space. He fills that space with shapes that connect us to the raw essence of our humanity, so often numbed by the frigid austerity of our tech-swarmed world.
His eyes and hands are the voices of his soul, deeply layered with harmonies of compassion, generosity, and a purity of purpose.

The Artist’s work reminds us that we are carved from spirit, bound to the divinity and sentience of the natural world.
Robin’s talent was forged in the heat of his passion for wildlife, from as early as the age of five. His deep understanding of form and beauty was instilled through curiosity and love of his sculptor father’s ability to animate stone into vigorously lifelike wildlife figures.

Rugare Robin Kutinyu sold his first collection of birds and turtles at the tender age of 10. Since then, he has been completely absorbed by the movement and anatomy of animals and the human form bringing his sculptures to life.
Using only natural materials, he channels the raw spirit of nature, awakening the elemental structure of the medium he is shaping to reveal the souls of the human and animal forms he composes.

“I try to capture the essence of my subject by capturing a certain moment of what is happening. My work is about the soul of my subject, not just the outer form worked to perfection. I have made my way from understanding my material and the possibilities it gives me to shaping the intangible of an idea, an image, or a concept.”

Working in the silence of the desert is like a retreat, where often sculptures start taking shape, getting their first overall expression. Moving stones that weigh several tons is a refreshing exercise for him. The transition between raw material and finished pieces keeps Robin excited all along the process of creation.

The Artist has used many types of mediums including alabaster, zebrastone, wonderstone, and various semi-precious stones from Zimbabwe. He has also used wood, wax, metal, cement, bronze, granite, marble, picturestone, sandstone, and jasper from South Africa, Italy, Namibia, and Madagascar.

His current work has been predominantly bronze because it offers a lot of freedom in creativity and allows him to create delicate compositions because of its strength and durability.

Rugare Robin Kutinyu is currently showing some of his art at The Artists Gallery in Cape Town.

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