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Natasha Barnes

Painting has consumed Natasha’s life – who was born in 1969 – since the age of 7. Completely self-taught, her journey began by transforming ordinary visual images into works of art, instinctively finding their way to the walls of many commercial and private collections around the world.

During the early part of her career, she painted mainly contemporary floral and landscape paintings which are still widely available in print through numerous publishers worldwide.
As with all journeys, she found herself moving in a completely different direction in a very short space of time. Her love for expressionism and movement was hard to suppress.

“I eventually let my hand roam free, creating the many large abstract works of colour, for which I am known today. I am greatly influenced by nature and the lesson provided by the Lotus flower; it is not hard to see that beautiful things do indeed come from dark places. It’s astounding and inspirational that such a beautiful flower can bloom and be at ease in muddy waters. Look for the lotus in your painting: you will find this mark in all my work” Barnes says.

Natasha is based in Ballito, South Africa, near Durban. When she’s not spending a great deal of her day painting, she likes running marathons for fun and spending time in the African bush.

In addition to numerous international art fairs in London, Miami, New York, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Melbourne, and Europe, she has produced artworks for Hollywood, TV, greeting cards, Hospitality, airlines, and boardrooms. Today Natasha Barnes is considered to be one of Africa’s most-published artists and recognized internationally on a high note.

As part of The Travelling Art Gallery since 2018 she exhibited in various group shows and hosted solo exhibitions in England, Dubai, South Africa, and the United States.

Barnes is also represented by The Artists Gallery in Cape Town and celebrates a great career.

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