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Siphamandla Ex

Siphamandla Ex is based in Johannesburg but is originally from Bilanyoni village in northern KwaZulu-Natal. He grew up under the care of his grandmother.

Though he never pursued formal education in visual art, his passion for drawing has been evident since childhood. His dedication to his craft has led him to collaborate with various artists over the years, including hosting group exhibitions that showcased well-established names in the art scene. Before pursuing art full-time in 2019, Siphamandla worked as a financial advisor, bringing a unique perspective that blends pragmatism with passion to his artistic practice.

His art revolves around the richness of the Black experience in everyday life, steering away from narratives solely focused on struggle and poverty. Instead, he celebrates the multifaceted nature of Black identity and the vibrant tapestry of Black life.

Siphamandla aims to showcase the joy, complexity, and resourcefulness inherent in Black life. He believes that celebrating culture doesn’t need grand gestures; it's present in the everyday choices we make about how we present ourselves and engage with the world.

Besides, being an artist, Siphamandla is also a music producer/composer, and a basketball player. One of his aspirations, is to establish a non-profit organisation aimed at keeping children away from the streets. This initiative would offer shelter, nutrition, and recreational programs, ensuring that all children have equal opportunities in life.

Siphamandla Ex is represented by The Artists Gallery in Cape Town.

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