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Wimpy & A Laundry Line

R11,304 ex. VAT
R13,000 incl. VAT

Limited Edition Print

A1: 88 x 63.4 cm

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    Limited Edition Print

    A1: 88 x 63.4 cm

    Ruan Jooste

    Ruan Jooste

    Ruan Jooste was born and raised in Nigel, a small town in Gauteng southeast of Johannesburg, South Africa.

    As a young child, he was always seeking a creative outlet. Initially pursuing a passion in fashion design, but soon turned his focus to photography, teaching himself the necessary skills. This experience in design and photography culminated in his current digital art practice.

    As a self-taught digital artist, he blends the skills he learned from his fashion and photography careers to create a unique style of digital art. He has had the privilege to work and live in different places around the world, including Pretoria, Toronto, Johannesburg, Phuket, and now Cape Town. These diverse experiences have given him a unique perspective on human nature and a philosophy that guides his everyday life: “As human beings, we are more alike than we are different.”

    In 2021, Ruan had his first solo exhibition in Cape Town, which received outstanding feedback. His work has been featured on the cover of the Sunday Times Lifestyle section and in Art Times magazine. Throughout his artistic journey, he has exhibited his work in locations such as Cape Town, the Paris AKAA Art Fair, and New York.

    His work is also part of the official RMB collection and has been featured in a Strauss & Co. auction. These opportunities have allowed him to share his art with audiences from various cultural backgrounds, contributing to a rich tapestry of artistic experiences.

    He has been truly humbled by the support and enthusiasm of a global clientele, with art enthusiasts from around the world acquiring his artworks.

    Ruan Jooste is now also represented by The Artists Gallery in Cape Town.

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