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Stoffel Mogano

Stoffel Malese Mogano was born and raised in an area called Ga-Mphahlele, located in the southern part of the Limpopo province, on June 7th, 1992. His initial interest in art was sparked by his experience with movie shows hosted in the primary school he attended, where children would rush to capture characters and scenes, comparing their drawing skills.

His passion for art continued to grow from there. Stoffel pursued his visual art studies at the University of Johannesburg and later at the Tshwane University of Technology, where he completed his National Diploma.

"My art celebrates the profound metaphorical significance of feet, symbolizing the human journey towards progress and self-discovery. Through my work, I explore the intricate paths we tread, the obstacles we overcome, and the milestones we reach in our pursuit of fulfilling our purpose.

Feet, often overlooked, possess an inherent resilience and adaptability that mirror our struggles and resilience in life. They carry us forward, step by step, through the ups and downs of existence, leaving imprints of our journey on the world around us.

Inspired by personal experiences and the collective human story, my art captures the beauty of progress amidst life's challenges. Through the interplay of colors, textures, and forms, I strive to evoke a sense of growth, transformation, and the relentless pursuit of our dreams, even in the face of adversity.

My chosen palette reflects this concept. Using black, white, and gray tones as dominant elements symbolizes the untapped areas within our lives. These muted hues emphasize the unrecognized or underappreciated aspects that yearn to be discovered and nurtured. They represent the shadows and doubts that often impede our progress, yet also serve as a catalyst for self-reflection and growth.

Conversely, I employ warmer tones to convey a sense of hope and progress. These hues, found within the spectrum of orange, yellow, and red, radiate a sense of perseverance, passion, and vitality. They symbolize the moments of triumph, fleeting sparks of inspiration, and the indomitable spirit that leads us towards our calling.

Just as our feet guide us forward, my art aims to guide viewers on a visual expedition, inviting them to reflect on their own journeys, triumphs, and setbacks. It is a reminder that every step counts and that true fulfillment lies not only in reaching our destination but also in embracing the process of becoming."

In Cape Town, Stoffel Mogano is represented by The Artists Gallery.

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