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Lauren Ratcliffe

Lauren Ratcliffe is a self-trained artist residing in Cape Town, South Africa. Her subject matter ranges from impressionist landscapes to interpretative abstracts brought to life with considered mark-making and vibrant colour to achieve visually appealing and evocative art.

Lauren matriculated with Art Honours, went on and studied Consumer Science (Psychology) at Stellenbosch University, complemented by a Postgraduate Diploma in Communications from the esteemed Red and Yellow School. She then pursued an MBA at the Graduate School of Business.

Her pieces are an intimate dance of colours and textures, achieved through the thick, buttery application of oil paints, intertwined with the delicate intricacies of acrylics and oil pastels. This unique combination allows her to sculpt layers upon layers, each one a testament to the hidden depths of living. Her technique involves not just the application of colour, but the deliberate layering, revealing the raw, uncharted territories beneath. This process of adding and subtracting, concealing, and unveiling, mirrors the complex nature of emotions.

With a solid background in communication, psychology, and people development, she brings a unique perspective to her art. She sees her creations like intricate tapestries, mirroring the complex relationships we encounter every day. The vibrant energy of her landscapes and the dreamy abstraction of her mixed-media pieces encourage viewers to delve deeper, urging them to uncover the intricate layers that shape our perceptions and experiences.

In essence, her work is an invitation—a journey through chaos and clarity, where each viewer discovers a reflection of their own story. It is a dialogue, ever evolving and infinitely diverse, resonating with the endless nuances of human connection. Through her art, she strives to celebrate the beauty of life in all its forms, inspiring wonder, and fostering empathy in the hearts of those who behold it.

In Cape Town Lauren is represented by The Artists Gallery.

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