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Fadiel Hermans

Fadiel Hermans was born in Cape Town's Bo Kaap in 1971. An artist who infuses every canvas with memories of his childhood, marked by challenging times that remain vivid in his mind. His artworks prominently feature people and images from his surroundings.

Essentially, his work serves as a reflection of his memories and experiences, capturing specific colors, light and shadow play, ideas, and emotions he aims to convey. The artist's creativity, he believes, stems from his unique perspective on things.

Painting has been a constant passion in Fadiel Hermans' life, supported by his parents who provided him with paper and colors from a young age. His passion for painting is deeply rooted in his personal quest to understand life, his environment, and his experiences.

The artist continually explores various stories and images swirling in his mind, striving to capture them on canvas, each artwork telling a story. Despite a brief stint in graphic design and work in the printing industry, with no formal training in fine art, Fadiel Hermans pursued his dream of a full-time art career.

Working mainly with acrylic and spray paint, his artworks are a vibrant visual delight. With a rich narrative style, his paintings invite viewers to interpret multiple storylines, often open-ended, allowing for personal interpretations. Fadiel enjoys providing a complete storyboard to his works, drawing from his own life experiences.

His paintings blend elements of street art, pop art, and graphic design, infused with contemporary culture and satirical elements. In 2023, a curator team selected Fadiel Hermans for a limited edition, high-quality Diasec series of artworks, marking a significant milestone in his artistic journey.

Fadiel Hermans is represented by The Artists Gallery in Cape Town.

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