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Framing done for you

One says, ‘the frame is the stage for an artwork’. If you are interested, we suggest according to the work as well as the interior a custom made frame and organise it accordingly.

Framing e.g. an oil painting (image above) with a shadow gap frame can create a visually striking and contemporary presentation for the artwork. A shadow gap frame is a type of frame that features a small, intentional gap or space between the edge of the artwork and the inner edge of the frame. 

Here are a few reasons why framing an oil painting with a shadow gap frame makes sense:

  1. Emphasis on the Artwork: A shadow gap frame allows the artwork to stand out and be the focal point. By creating a distinct separation between the frame and the artwork, viewers are drawn to the painting itself without any distractions.

  2. Modern Aesthetics: Shadow gap frames have a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic. This can be particularly effective when you want to present traditional oil paintings in a more modern or unconventional way. The frame complements the artwork without overwhelming it.

  3. Spatial Illusion: The small gap between the artwork and the frame can create an illusion of depth and dimension. This can make the artwork appear as if it’s floating within the frame, giving it a sense of weightlessness and adding an interesting visual dynamic.

  4. Flexibility: The gap allows for some flexibility in terms of the artwork’s dimensions. If the canvas is slightly irregular or if the edges of the painting are not perfectly straight, the shadow gap frame can accommodate these variations without cropping or covering any part of the painting.

  5. Artistic Statement: Using a shadow gap frame is also a creative choice that can make a statement about how you want your artwork to be perceived. It signals that you are considering not only the artwork itself but also its interaction with the space around it.

Ultimately, the choice of framing style, including whether to use a shadow gap frame, depends on the specific aesthetic and presentation goals you have for your oil painting. It’s important to consider the artwork’s style, the environment in which it will be displayed, and the overall visual impact you want to achieve.

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