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Grandmother with 2 babies

R11,000 ex. VAT
R12,650 incl. VAT

Mixed media on paper

100 x 76 cm

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    Mixed media on paper

    100 x 76 cm

    Moeketsi Moahloli

    Moeketsi Moahloli

    Born in Soweto, South Africa, Moeketsi Moahloli was raised by his single mother and experienced life in his early years.

    He studied Multimedia Design at the University of Johannesburg and then worked as a graphic designer for six years. Moeketsi decided to continue his passion for doing fine art and finally quit working as a designer.
    Using newspaper is an element which represents news or stories and the artist uses this in his art, adding content, thus giving the finished artwork a lot of depth.

    He specializes in mixed medium art using charcoals, soft pastels, newspaper collages, and acrylic paint.

    His work celebrates the experiences and impressions people make in the world he lives in. Moahloli draws his fascination from the diversity of cultures surrounding him, particularly in Soweto.

    His delicate artworks represent the social environment and the people he sees and is in contact with daily. The diversity and dynamic culture of everyday life in Soweto, South Africa, are captured sensitively. Moahloli shows this in his art as he experiences life at ground level, for him the only way to mirror daily life scenes.

    Moahloli showed his art in various group exhibitions in South Africa. Since 2019 he is part of The Travelling Art Gallery with exhibitions in Europe.

    In Cape Town, Moahloli is represented by The Artists Gallery.

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