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Kite Surfers at Blouberg

R38,000 ex. VAT
R43,700 incl. VAT

Oil on canvas

100 x 100 cm


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    Oil on canvas

    100 x 100 cm

    Jaime Danielle Smith

    Jaime Danielle Smith

    Jaime Danielle Smith was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, but spent her adolescent and early twenties in Cape Town, South Africa. During her twenties, she traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Caribbean, and the UK, and is now based in Stuttgart, Germany.

    The birth of her daughter served as a catalyst for Jaime to prioritize her passion for painting, which she had pursued intermittently throughout her life. With newfound dedication, painting became her primary focus, allowing her to grow and evolve as an international artist. Grounded with her family, Jaime now lives the creative life she has always desired.

    Her travels and life experiences heavily influence her work, symbolizing renewal, new beginnings, and ongoing change. Jaime’s paintings are characterized by rich layers, mirroring the complexities of life’s ever-changing stages and phases. She is a process-driven artist, aiming to capture vibrancy and depth through multiple layers and textures. Her pieces exude energy with loose brushstrokes and dynamic mark-making, yet maintain balance with smoother areas and blocks of color, evoking a sense of space and tranquility.
    Jaime strives to create paintings that captivate viewers, inviting them to revisit the artwork repeatedly without losing interest. Her intuitive and emotionally driven approach is largely inspired by places, memories, and personal experiences, resulting in works that resonate on a profound level.

    Jaime Danielle Smith has engaged in numerous conversations with individuals who express disdain for abstract paintings due to their inability to comprehend them. They often seek concrete solutions rather than embracing ambiguity and inquiry. In response, the artist emphasizes that art should be felt rather than understood. Success, in their view, lies in the ability of their paintings to elicit emotions.

    Preferring large-scale works, Jaime Danielle Smith finds them conducive to utilizing their entire range of motion, resulting in a full-body experience. Their aspiration is for their paintings to instill a sense of calm amidst life’s chaos, prompting viewers to delve deeper and uncover nuances often overlooked. Ultimately, they hope their art offers a respite, allowing individuals to momentarily lose themselves in a kaleidoscope of colours.

    In South Africa, Smith is exclusively represented by The Artists Gallery.
    Internationally, she is continuously part of the artists’ initiative The Travelling Art Gallery.

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