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Simon Gower

ZZZZ (ZED) is a self-taught artist hailing from the Eastern Cape and currently calling the rural Western Cape, specifically Baardskeerdersbos, home. What sets him apart is a fascinating narrative of multiple deaths and rebirths, a journey marked by ecstasy, suffering, and continuous reinvention.

His passions encompass painting, establishing genuine connections, delving into ritual trance states, and the relentless pursuit of elevated experiences. ZZZZ dedicates his time to the study of life, self, and others, complemented by his roles as a bodyworker and committed meditator.

Throughout the past decade, ZZZZ has displayed prolific creativity in all dimensions, exploring the uncharted territories of the next line, tone, and theme. Fully devoted to his craft, he has fearlessly immersed his body and mind in the pursuit of inner movement guided by his artistic creations.

Amid relational challenges, solitary contemplation, anxiety-ridden lows, blissful highs, and profound inner journeys, ZZZZ maintains an unwavering connection with the divine within himself. His body of work encapsulates a perpetual dialogue—a dance or battle—between the forces of light and darkness, order and chaos, joy and suffering, pleasure and pain. It is, above all, the narrative of us, you, and me.

Primarily a figurative artist with a penchant for the human subject, ZZZZ also weaves decorative linework and a nuanced understanding of color into his creations, resulting in crystalline Mandalaesque designs.

ZZZZ shows his art at The Artists Gallery Franschhoek

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