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Kate Schaerf

Kate Schaerf was born in 1993 in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa but is currently a Cape Town-based visual artist.

She received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from the University of Stellenbosch (SU) in 2018. She attained a Master’s degree in Visual Art from the same institution in 2021.

She is known for her organic, plant-inspired paintings and drawings, influenced by her love of nature and peaceful surroundings. Her ‘foliagescapes’ reflect her fascination with botanical art while also functioning as an expression of the uplifting, calming, and reassuring qualities inherent within nature.

Schaerf’s art seeks to bring contentment and tranquillity to the viewer. By utilising soothing colours and constructing harmonious, balanced compositions, she aims to create artworks that invite the viewer inward into a mindset of quiet contemplation.

More recently, Kate Schaerf’s work explores the theme of the forest: a space, both real and imagined, that forms the backdrop of many stories in literary fiction.

She is concerned with the play of mark-making, colour, illusion, depth, and the perception that this creates in the eye of the viewer.

Kate Schaerf’s art is showcased at The Artists Gallery in Cape Town.

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