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Justice Mathonsi

Justice Mathonsi was born in 1987 in Soweto. He moved to Venda in 1990 to Ribugwani Village in Limpopo Province, South Africa.

He pursued his education in visual art and printmaking at the Artist Proof Studio in Johannesburg, successfully completing in 2016. His artistic journey led him to showcase his work in various prestigious galleries.

Mathonsi's artistic vision finds its roots in the people who have touched his life: his family, friends, and the wider community. Drawing from the values instilled in him by his grandparents, he gained the self-assurance to pursue his creative aspirations.

His artwork often captures the essence of both elderly individuals and young children, who have played significant roles in his personal life. Raised not by his parents, but rather by the supportive figures within his community and family during his formative years, Mathonsi's pieces pay homage to these individuals.

Within his work, Justice Mathonsi portrays both the elderly and the young, drawing inspiration from the imagery of his village. This representation serves as a heartfelt tribute, an embodiment of gratitude and respect.

His artistic repertoire encompasses an array of techniques, including linocut, etching, charcoal, and painting. Diverse colors, cross etching, and stippling constitute his distinctive mark-making methods.

Through his work, he encapsulates concepts of time, age, tradition, and culture, creating a visual tapestry that echoes his profound appreciation for those who have influenced his journey.

The larger portraits confront the viewer to acknowledge the huge role these women play in raising children, which is often not recognised in our society. They are humble women elevated to an important status through his mark making and the pattern pays homage to his Tsonga roots. Justice Mathonsi sees this body of work as a record of his family tree.

In Cape Town, Justice Mathonsi is showing his art at The Artists Gallery.

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