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Jo Roets

Capetonian artist Jo Roets is a fervent sculptor and mold maker whose creations delve into the profound exploration of connection – both to the self and to the broader realms of humanity, nature, and spirituality. Her sculptures embody a poignant reflection on the intrinsic need for connection and the profound yearning that accompanies its absence.

The theme of connection in Roets's work is visually manifested through the incorporation of various patterns and shapes. By merging these elements in distinctive ways, she delves into the relationships they form, unveiling a sense of boundless possibilities that arise from their unique combinations. Within her sculptures, the interplay of negative and positive spaces holds equal significance, drawing parallels to the complexities of time, space, and the dual nature of being simultaneously connected and disconnected.

For Jo, her artistic medium serves as a form of spiritual expression. Within the abstract realm of her creations, time seems to stand still, offering a sanctuary for introspection and escape. Her creative process operates as a meditative practice on a cellular level, nurturing a profound connection to the creative forces that propel her work forward. The repetitive nature of her art-making, akin to the rhythmic ticking of seconds, carries a meditative quality. Her initial designs serve as fleeting guides, leading to a process where toothpicks puncture tiny holes into the clay, guiding the artwork intuitively towards completion. This approach ensures that the shapes and forms remain flexible, leaving room for new compositions and unexplored connections to emerge.

Jo Roets's works are characterized by intricate details, featuring complex interplays of patterns and disorder that give rise to a seemingly divergent uniqueness. Yet, when viewed holistically, each piece exudes a calming familiarity—a recognition of something inherently known and purposeful.

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