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Christa Myburg

Christa Myburgh was born in 1972 in South Africa and pursued her Fine Art education at the University of Pretoria. During her studies, she developed a profound interest in life figure drawing, particularly under the guidance of Carl Jeppe, sparking a lifelong fascination with representing the human form in art. Her passion led her to take on a role as a lecturer in life figure drawing at a university in Bloemfontein.

Growing up in the small town of Bethal in Mpumalanga, South Africa, Christa later returned there for a few years after completing her studies.

In her artistic practice, Christa Myburgh employs a deliberate orchestration of color, space, line, and movement to evoke a fluid spectrum of emotions. She seeks to transcend the conventional boundaries of visual representation, allowing emotions to flow seamlessly across the canvas. Space is not merely a void to be filled but a dynamic realm where emotions breathe and evolve, serving as the vessel through which she navigates the intricacies of human experience.

Through her work, she captures the ephemeral beauty of motion and form, orchestrating a visual dialogue between figures and the surrounding space, inviting viewers to join in a lyrical conversation between the tangible and the elusive. Line, with its varying weights and forms, leads the viewer's eye through the narrative of color and space, defining boundaries and inviting sensory exploration. Movement animates her work, serving as a bridge that connects the static with the dynamic, encouraging an emotional journey that transcends the confines of the frame. Ultimately, Christa Myburgh's artistic endeavor invites viewers to explore the boundless spectrum of human emotion through the harmonious interplay of these elements in her figures and portraits, forging connections that evoke a shared sense of humanity.

In 2015, Christa relocated to Cape Town, where she continued her artistic focus on representing the human form. Her dedication led to a solo exhibition in 2018, and she has actively participated in various group exhibitions, gaining recognition in established galleries. Her commitment to perfection and her distinctive style have earned her a dedicated following of art collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

Christa Myburg is represented by The Artists Gallery in Cape Town.

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