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Artists Gallery in the Media

In a journey that has come full circle, Barbara Lenhard’s mission to promote South African art on the global stage led to the birth of The Artists Gallery in Cape Town. Discover the story behind this creative odyssey and the vibrant world of South African artistry. Explore more in the article featured on below.

Also have a listen below to the interview that was on Fine Music Radio.



Barbara Lenhard on Sanlam Arts Round Up

The Artists Gallery comes to Cape Town after initially taking South African art abroad. Barbara Lenhard takes us on her journey that comes full circle with the opening of  the Artists Gallery in Cape Town.

Barbara explains that her original idea in 2017 was to focus on taking South African art into the world – showcasing our artists abroad. to promote them and the people of South Africa.

2018  marked the first 3 exhibitions and over the past five years there have been 19 exhibitions, each occupying approximately 800 sq metres, over 10 days in different cities. The shows were successful from the beginning to sell art and connect art and people.

In May 2018 she organised an exhibition in Hamburg featuring South African women artists, titled SHE. One of the artists that accompanied the exhibition was Jaret  Loggenberg, present at the exhibition and working on her easel. It was Jaret who suggested to Barbara that they should take her vision further and show the work back in Cape Town as well. In October 2022 she started investigating the possibility, in February 2023 the lease was signed, renovations started on 1 July 2023, Jaret and other artists opened the Artists Gallery in Cape Town.

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